One-on-one attention

We provide evidence-based services tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals.

Convenient Sessions

We currently offer in-home, day-care, or facility-based (school, library, etc) services, and we can work with your busy schedule! Our coverage area is a 25-mile radius from Caledonia, MI. Homes outside of this radius may be subject to an additional travel fee.

Sustainable Solutions

Our in-home, collaborative therapy model provides clients and their families with strategies to achieve and maintain speech-language skills outside of speech therapy.


Apraxia: Motor-planning disorder that can result in errors in speech sound production, minimal talking, or a high-level of unintelligibility.

Articulation and Phonological Disorders: Difficulty producing speech sounds.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A developmental disability affecting communication, social skills, and behavior.

Expressive/Receptive Language: An overall challenge in using, producing, and understanding language

Fluency: (AKA stuttering) A disruption of speech with repetition, pauses, or prolongations of sounds and syllables


Adult Articulation: Speech sound intervention for adults with lasting articulation disorders.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC):Forms of communication that are not speech (i.e. picture communication, iPads/apps, core boards)

Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Modification: Voice and communication training services for transgender and non-binary individuals.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy: Treatment of disorders of the muscles and structures of the face and mouth that contribute difficulties with speech and swallowing.

Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC is currently in-network with  ASR, BCBS of Michigan, BCN, Priority Health, Cigna and Optum/United Healthcare. We are also a non-network certified provider for Tricare. Though we accept insurance, this does not mean that your policy covers speech-language services or covers specific diagnoses. It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage.


Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC does accept payment through HSA/FSA accounts, and can provide the needed documentation should the HSA/FSA company require it for coverage. Additionally, Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC can provide a superbill should a client or their family decide to seek reimbursement of services through out-of-network benefits. The client or their family would need to check with their insurance to ensure this is an option.