One-on-one attention

We provide evidence-based services tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals.

Convenient Sessions

We currently offer in-home, day-care, or facility-based (school, library, etc) services, and we can work with your busy schedule! Our coverage area is a 25-mile radius from Caledonia, MI. Homes outside of this radius may be subject to an additional travel fee.

Sustainable Solutions

Our in-home, collaborative therapy model provides clients and their families with strategies to achieve and maintain speech-language skills outside of speech therapy.


Apraxia: Motor-planning disorder that can result in errors in speech sound production, minimal talking, or a high-level of unintelligibility.

Articulation and Phonological Disorders: Difficulty producing speech sounds.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A developmental disability affecting communication, social skills, and behavior.

Expressive/Receptive Language: An overall challenge in using, producing, and understanding language

Fluency: (AKA stuttering) A disruption of speech with repetition, pauses, or prolongations of sounds and syllables


Aphasia: Language disorder arising after a stroke or other brain injury

Cognition/Memory: Language processing, problem solving, and memory difficulties arising from brain injury, dementias, or strokes.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Post-TBI challenges with (but not limited to) language, attention, social skills, and memory.


Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC):Forms of communication that are not speech (i.e. picture communication, iPads/apps, core boards)

Early Intervention: Speech and language interventions given to children below the age of 5 (i.e. late talkers, developmental delay)

Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Modification: Voice and communication training services for transgender individuals.

At this time, we are private pay only. Private pay allows for flexibility in services, as insurance companies often dictate the number and duration of services. Sometimes, speech is not covered at all. Plus, private pay allows for clients and their families to seek out their own services without needing prior authorization from their insurance company.


Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC does accept payment through HSA/FSA accounts, and can provide the needed documentation should the HSA/FSA company require it for coverage. Additionally, Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC can provide a superbill should a client or their family decide to seek reimbursement of services through out-of-network benefits. The client or their family would need to check with their insurance to ensure this is an option.


In the future, we hope to partner with insurances commonly used in this area to best serve the community.