Teletherapy, or telehealth or telepractice, is therapy completed virtually. Sessions are completed over a video conferencing platform or telephone. Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC uses Blink Session, a video-based platform. Therapy is completed in much the same way as they would be in-person, though the techniques will probably look a bit different.


As it turns out, most people are appropriate for teletherapy speech services. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration, but accommodations can be made. This might mean that a facilitator needs to sit with the client (a parent or adult) or sessions need to be shorter, or a highly predictable schedule needs to be put in place. Patience and flexibility are key, on both the part of the SLP and the facilitator.

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The short answer: YES!

The SLP governing body, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, supports telepractice. ASHA is committed to bringing effective services to all people who made need it. As a result, they are supportive of teletherapy.

There are actually quite a few studies on the efficacy of teletherapy across the SLP spectrum. A study published in 2017 titled, “The Efficacy of Telehealth-Delivered Speech and Language Intervention for Primary School-Age Children: A Systematic Review,” determined that, after reviewing hundreds of studies, the researchers determined:


…telehealth is a promising service delivery method for delivering speech and language intervention services to this population. This alternative service delivery model has the potential to improve access to SLP services for children living in geographically remote areas, reducing travel time and alleviating the detrimental effects of communication difficulties on education, social participation and employment.


Teletherapy allows individuals to receive high-quality speech services all from the comfort of their home. There's no need to pack up the family and drive to a location or allow someone physically into your house.


Just like with in-person speech-language services, teletherapy can be extremely flexible. We used evidenced-based techniques to engage, teach, and treat individuals of all ages. Sessions can be modified to accommodate a variety of personalities and learning styles.


One thing is for certain - we live in a technology-based time. Because of this, technology driven therapy can be highly preferred and engaging for people of all ages!

"Tamiko is highly innovative. She uses compliant technology for online lessons, but doesn't make them too formal or boring. My 10-year old daughter looks forward to every session! Our homework is easy, fun and effective. The system is secure and convenient and we can even pay with our HSA card."

Veronika Rowell, Parent


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