What the heck is gestalt language?

by Anna Dubiak, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC There are two kinds of language processors in the world:  analytical language processors and gestalt language processors (GLP).  Analytical language processors learn language from the ground up, building with sounds, to words, to sentences, to full blown conversations!  This is the style of...

AAC and Language Production: Research Rumination

When it comes to AAC, many, MANY myths exist (as we found out this week on the Facebook page). By far, the one I hear the most often is that AAC will become a crutch and the person using the AAC system will become reliant on the system and not talk.

This week, I read an article titled “Communication interventions for minimally verbal children with Autism: Sequential multiple assignment randomized trial” by Kasari, Kaiser, Goods, Nietfeld, Mathy, Landa, Murphy, & Almirall (2014). This team decided to investigate what, if any, affect AAC had on a non-verbal kiddo’s language production.

Let’s break it down!

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